CNB 100 Chrisco

«Great Video by Romain Claris of the full construction process from A to Z including sailing images, interiors shot.»
• Luca Brenta - Naval Architect

«Romain Claris is the best "smooth shoots" creators in yacht industry.»
• Antonio Costamente - Project Manager

«Speechless - This is really excellent work and makes us very emotional! Many congratulations!»
• Gill Brown - Interior designer Wetzels Brown partners

«The video arrived, it is beautiful, thank you very much!»
• Owner

Lagoon 420

«I have many times watched the movie. I Love it! It is very well filmed, continuity is perfect and the story is fluid. Angles are impeccable, Romain really happened to master the incredible tracking shots, and I think they all work well. As for slow motion, this is an excellent effect. I also liked how the effect of the angle of view for the same sequence is changed, alternating the fly low over the water.»
• Bruno Belmont - Beneteau Group

CNB 76

«The film is very good, Romain, congratulations and thank you.»
• Thomas Gailly - Directeur commercial CNB Yacht Builder

«I think the demand for this film on DVD is the ransom for your success... Can you make twenty copies quickly?»
• Joël Jarrijon - Directeur marketing CNB Yacht Builder

Maaf Odyssée

«I'm sure you can validate a perfect job without me.»
• Frédérik Dain - Architecte associé hobo architecture

Noah by Kenzo

«The latest teaser in French and English is very nice. It has also been validated by the team of Kenzo.»
• Elodie Verdan - Marketing and Communication representative

As you like it

«I love the way your steadicam has been used in the editing. One can clearly sense the atmosphere of the show in the movie. To be honest, I can already picture how your work and vision will be associated to the project I am currently working on.»
• Catherine Riboli - Director

Tomas Bagackas - Créateur de mode

«Absolutely superb! What a sensuality! I love it... Can't wait!»
• Laurence Bonjour - Fédération des Industries nautiques.

«We are really in the concentration of the fashion designer prparing event and the excitement and tension during the event... You feel good things and moods... Bravo! This fashion designer uses beautiful fabrics...»
• Bernard Varvat - Sculptor on marble

«Congrats on your collection/film. Next stop, Saks Fifth Avenue, New York???»
• Michael P. Richards - Screenplay writer

«The film definitely has your signature on it. Great to see!»
• Deidre Sato - Purchase College

Bangladesh ! Watever

«The images are stunning, the editing is also very good. It's great, everything is there, it is very beautiful, delicate and fair. A big thank you.»
• Marc Van Peteghem - Naval architect VPLP - Watever Director

«Romain, Congrats for the movie !! Great !! We do love it at Zeppelin !!»
• Bruno Valentin – Photographer Zeppelin

«Your teaser is magic! Everything is there. Thank you for this great work.»
• Jeremy Bertaud. Watever Coordinator

«Romain's images are a beautiful testimony of this reality in the Bay of Bengal.»
• Dominique Goybet - Communication Consultant

«I saw you working on site and did not think you would get to a beautiful and interesting result at the time. But the atmosphere is very well made. I relived moments, lights, scents with the shrill music of tambourine and the acute flute. Bravo and congratulations.»
• Gérald Similowski - Co-founder Aviation Sans Frontières

«Because if a wide angle shot is what we can all do - more or less, we who have taken too many pictures at every turn and confused wide angle with an overall view - detail is what is lacking for our image-drowned eye with which we look at the world. Then, only then the fold of fabric in a sewing machine, the stroke of a brush on a white page, the drops of rain on a train window, a pier by the sea, the hand of a sculptor, a pebble becoming a jewel, the flexible foot of a dancer, the look of a Bangladeshi fisherman, jute fibre becoming a boat, all these things, women, men filmed by Romain Claris, move us because they allow us to see, starting with the detail, a wider, richer world, more complex than we thought, so that, freeing our eye with his, we may be able to see better yet: we didn't know it but it is the Mediterranean Sea that bathes the Bay of Bengal...»
• Jacques Dubuisson - Screenplay writer, Director

United Dance Company

«In my professional life as a ballet director and dancer I have made many good acquaintances with dancers, choreographers, singers, painters and writers, but to meet nearly at the end of my carrier Romain Claris was really an exceptional encounter. Without any substantial knowledge about ballet he filmed the United Dance Company performances in such a wonderful way and made also a marvellous documentary about the Company!»
• Alexandre Hoffmann - Ballet director

«Amazing... I have held my breath... Sublime moment.»
• Catherine Denoyelle - Designer

«I love the dedication to this project and the final product. Very good work Romain!»
• Alex Hodges - Réalisateur

«I find this is a very nice trailer. Dance fascinates me and you film it very nicely.»
• Amandine Cittone - Actress

«The film is really good, I especially liked the rhythm, that is to say, we do not get bored and the images make it interesting for what they show, even things apparently less 'spectacular': interviews, customs, etc.. But here you have found harmony, the perfect balance. My compliments! You're ready for a long film. Do you think about making one?»
• Sandro Toni - Writter

Gilles Jonemann

«Congratulations for this new demonstration of your talent. In both your subjects and your films!»
• Vincent Marie Bouvot - Composor

«Dear Romain, I just watched your film that I found very interesting: the quality of the character, the choice to shoot close-ups, sometimes brittle frame, structured assembly in thought.»
• Danielle Letellier - Screenplay writer

«You did a great job.»
• Erik Barray - Vannier

«Stunning film, stunning subject and story.»
• Doug Kerr - Photographer

«Very beautiful and well made documentary.»
• Henning Hoholt – Critique - Kulturkompasset

«Your film fascinated me, beautifully shot, I loved the natural light which emphasised the "Alladin's Cave" feel of his workshop (how I would love to rummage through it!), the tantalising glimpses of the model wearing his jewellery, the gentle music, everything about it works so well, very well done!»
• Janet Smith - Photographer

«This film is remarkable for its fascinating content but also for its story telling fluidity. We see things and then revisit them again in a myriad of ways and so we get a multidimensional insight into the heart, mind and talent of this artist of jewels. At no point during the film was I tapping my fingers waiting for the next relevant information to arrive. It's totally engaging and inspiring. The artist work will outlive his life and many to come and that indicates work of a special character and class. You have done a stellar job of reducing all the many hours of your interviews and observations into an enjoyable film. This is a work of yours I will treasure!»
• Asher Kelman - Photographer

«The film about the jeweller is quite beautiful: fine, simple and magical. Very well chosen, too, the parallel connection between the jewellery details and close-ups of Jonemann.»
• Sandro Toni - Writter

La robe

«Wonderful Romain Claris' documentary on the making of a dress.»
• Lucileee Critique d'art Le

«Beautiful, very beautiful. One needs a lot of talent to reflects the talent of others. You've done it easily, a success.»
• Vincent Marie Bouvot - Composor

«I love the shots of fitting when the fabric falls and adjusts to the body...»
• Véronique Deshayes - Your beautiful days

«La Robe is one of his outstanding films... Congratulations!»
• Marie Rosselet-Ruiz - Actress

«I loved your work and the delicate look that you have on things. Bravo.»
• Aude Lanciaux -Actress

«Very good and very nice work! I wonder, after seeing La robe, if it is the woman who makes the feminine dress or the opposite?»
• Guillaume Cazenave - Director

«It makes you want to learn how to sew... to construct a garment. Sound, image... perfect.»
• Gérard Graillot - Composer

«You film very well and sublime pictures, people, everything that you receive with your camera. We then view the beautiful images. Advertising is very well done, as well as various documentaries! I also watched "La Robe" I think it's great. Congratulations.»
• Adeline Godard - Actress

«Very nice, as usual. I look forward to your virtuosity associated with a story, a fiction, it should be beautiful!»
• François Granjacques - Film Director

«It is a beautiful film with a beautiful photography ... Nice idea ... Congratulations»
• Nicolas Rogner - Actor

«Very nice. Lovely atmosphere in the creation of the almost sensual experience the dress gives. Sound and image are, as usual, beautifully synchronized.»
• Bart Van der Wolf - Photographer

«Great cinematography.»
• Jack Stranger - Film Director

«The images are superb! And at the end in the haze, it's beautiful! I loved these two women, their stories in parallel! Bravo is really fun!»
• Kim Schwarck - Actress

«Interesting the sensuality between a woman's hands and thread, needle and fabric loved how the light and fabric were shown and the movement as if it was a song in motion. Very nice piece of work.»
• Charlotte Thompson - Photographer

«Whether it is for yachting, for fashion, theatre or dance when you see the concern for quality of its achievements and the taste their imply one can say that excellence is consistent and becomes natural with Claris.»
• Hugues Lemoîne - Film Director